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We are a team of professional photographers which works in different sectors like events, fashion, wedding and portraits..

My name is Francesco and I’m the founder of Rome Click Tour. I have worked for more than 18 years in image and photography fields. I have had the luck to work with many national and international customers in videoclip production, documentaries, movies and commercials as Director Of Photography and VFX Supervisor. I love to tell people’s stories through photography. Rome is the perfect location to shoot photos and tell your stories: me and my team will be happy to make eternal your happenings and your emotions.
We actually can’t wait to do so! Build your Rome Photo Tour !


Hi, my name is Marino Festuccia and I live in Rome since 2006 because I simply fell in love with this big, beautiful and romantic city. Here I took the path of photography, inspired by the infinite amount of views that this city has to offer. As a photographer I worked in many fields like fashion, portraits, events, wedding and commercials. What I want to offer you with Francesco and Rome Click Tour is a photographic adventure that will give you unique memories of the Eternal City like you were in a movie, forever. I’m going to offer you my deep knowledge of Rome and all that I learnt working in photography for years. Together, we will make your staying in Rome the real italian experience. Let’s do it!


Hi, I’m Andrea, I’m 26 years old and I’m a portrait photographer. Over the years, I have experienced different types of photography: from sport photography to landscapes, including portraits, events, music, wedding, and fashion. Taking portraits in a location like Rome is a very unique experience and it would be an honor for me to tell the story of your trip to the Eternal City through my pictures. All you have to do is have fun and I’ll do the rest, with all the hard work and passion I am capable of.

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