Holiday Rome Photo Tour

This is a classic Holiday Rome Photo Tour.

Total average time : 2 hours
Price : 230,00 
The price is for groups of up to 3 people. For biggest groups there is a supplement of 25 € for each person beyond the third.
Average number of pics you may have from this tour : 30
The path chosen was :  Colosseum, Trevi’s Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona.

This is a suggestion, you can customize your tour accordingly to our photographers knowledge of the city. Rome is in constantly change and development, so for the date you choose some monuments and places may be closed or not accessible. Our photographers will provide you other alternative routes if you can’t go someplace for that day.

Alejandro and Rosario are a real long lasting couple who came to Rome to celebrate their retirement from work. 
They decided to have a romantic trip to the city the wanted to visit the most for their entire life so they booked us a Rome Photo Tour in English for two hours.
We guided them through the most iconic places in the center of Rome like Colosseum, Trevi’s Fountain (for which they rent a driver), Pantheon and Piazza Navona. 
Their life of travels started here in Rome and we were really happy to make these photo memories for them.

image delivery

All images (professionally edited), will be delivered digitally via WeTransfer.
Photo-editing will not be used to alter your physical appearance. The number of photos you will receive is based on the type of photo session you choose (more details in the Gallery page). High resolution images, optimized for printing, will be delivered after 1 – 2 weeks; if you wish to receive the images within 72 hours from the shoot you can request the optional express image delivery service (with an extra fee) at the time of booking. 

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