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...just a suggestion.

Just a suggestion

This is list is intended to be a suggestion for you to plan your Rome Photo Tour in English with us. We think those are the best places to have memories in, but if you prefer other places in Rome feel free to ask us and we’ll arrange the path for you. Do not forget that Rome is a very big city and it is not possibile every time to cover all the paths by walking but only when two locations are close to each other (like St.Peter and Castel Sant’Angelo or Piazza del Popolo and Spanish Steps). If the places are far from each other we recommend you to take a cab or hire a driver. Write us for more information: we will be happy to help you.


The most majestic monument of Rome, the very symbol of this city and probably of entire Italy. The Colosseum stood up for more than 2000 years and is waiting for you! Suitable for all kind of Rome photo tours, it fits well for a Holiday shooting as for a Sposi Novelli walk. Every shooting will be beautiful with the Colosseum as a background, ranging from Weddings through Family and don’t forget to pass here for your Elopement shooting or your Proposal in Rome!


If  you want to have a unique wedding you may consider a destination wedding in the Red Hall on top of the Capitoline Hill. Here lies the Town Hall of Rome, which with its square it’s one of the most suggestive spots in Rome. Here you can take your Wedding or Elopement Rome Photo Tour pictures, or just have them with the beautiful view of the Roman Forum that you can enjoy from there. The views from the Capitoline Hill are also a perfect spot for your Proposal, and our Proposal photographer in Rome will guide you to the most breathtaking spots here.


The true heart of Christianity but also the finest example of architecture in Rome, St. Peter is the biggest church in the entire world. Famous for the Pope’s masses (Angelus), it covers almost entirely the territory of the Vatican State and we think it doesn’t need any other word of presentation: it’s too famous! Few steps far from St. Peter you can find Castle Sant’Angelo, which is a proper castle but also the Mausoleum of the Emperor Adrian. We suggest to take a Holiday ST. Peter Rome Tour of these two beauties together due to their vicinity and you can also take wonderful pictures on the bridges over the Tevere River. This place is so romantic that is suitable for any kind of Photo Tour in English and we have a special Tour dedicated only for them too!


Maybe the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi Fountain is one of the most romantic places in Rome. You will take beautiful pictures here, like in a movie, for you Proposal shooting or Elopement in Rome. The Fountain is very crowded all time of the year, so the best thing is to go there on the early morning. It’s a bit uncomfortable to wake up so early, but for your memories it’s worth the shot!


There’s one thing you can do to enjoy the city of Rome like we do: take a walk from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza di Spagna. This Rome Photo Tour in English is suitable for any kind of shootings, from Engagement shooting to Elopement in Rome, but maybe this shows its best side during your Holiday photoshoot. Gift yourself with memories in the most famous squares of Rome: Piazza del Popolo with the Twin Churchs and its fountains and Piazza di Spagna, with the all-in-the-world famous Spanish Steps. Between them you will walk in Via del Corso, the best street for shopping in Rome!


Rome is full of monuments and beautiful street and views, so we have some few spots we like to suggest to you in addition to the ones mentioned above. Our longest Rome Photo Tour reaches the Pantheon, which is a Roman temple dedicated to all deities humanity from past and future, and Piazza Navona, one of the oldest squares of Rome which in ancient times was the home for jousts, sports competitions and even water plays. If you want to enjoy a good coffee and a bit of shopping we can guide you to the Galleria Alberto Sordi with our all-by-walk Rome Photo Tour. If you wish to visit the Capitoline Hill or the Roman Forum be sure to ask us some pictures in front of Vittoriano, one of the biggest monuments in Rome which celebrates the union of Italy during the Risorgimento. As you can see there are a lot of places in Rome where to take pictures of your memories and we know well all of them; whichever is your occasion to visit Rome, from Engagement to a simple Holiday, don’t miss the chance to book one of our Rome Photo Tour in English for moments you will never forget!

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